Year Two

Shaman PathwaysThe Shaman Pathways School of Shamanic Healing Studies specialises in providing high quality technical training to students wishing to become practitioners in Shaman Healing.

This is achieved through a combination of distance learning and face to face courses over a two year period.

Only holders of a Year One Shaman Healing Initiations Certificate are permitted on to this course.

The Year Two programme contains 12 modules and is focused on applying the techniques learned in Year One in a clinic room or treatment environment. The syllabus is structured around the student learning and being able to professionally deliver and conduct a number of key Shaman Healing Ceremonies or treatments.

• Shaman Healing
• Shaman Smudging
• Shaman Intrusion Extraction
• Shaman Soul Loss
• Shaman Soul Loss Healing
• Shaman Soul Retrieval
• Shaman Soul Retrieval Healing
• Shaman Death & Dying
• Shaman Soul Escorting
• Shaman Distant Healing
• Shaman Counselling
• Setting up a Shaman Healing Practice

Year Two students must again pass each module and on successful completion of all 12 modules will be awarded their Certificate Year Two in Shaman Healing Ceremonies.

Upon successful completion of both years, students are awarded their Diploma in Shaman Healing Studies which certifies that they are a qualified Shaman Healing practitioner, allowing them to conduct Shaman Healing ceremonies in a treatment environment.