Company History


Diane Davies is the Founder of Shaman Pathways.
She is also the Senior Course Director of the Shaman Pathways two year Shamanic Studies programme.

Diane is delighted to launch the first distance learning Shamanic Studies Diploma that covers a 2 year period of training in core shamanic studies (shamanic bodywork treatments, exploring the human’s relationship with earth and reading the map of the human energy field). The Diploma combines core shaman principles with crystal healing, shaman journeying and shamanic healing techniques. Students are trained to work with their ancestors to better understand the imbalanced relationship between the earth and humanity reflected in why homes and people get sick.

Following intensive training and accreditation, Diane built up her own successful shamanic practice and subsequently became the owner and Senior Director of Shaman Pathways.

Diane also facilitates a student shamanic retreat to Australia for walkabout with the ancestors as part of the final graduation.