About Shaman Pathways

Shaman PathwaysShamans are called and always initiated by another Shaman. In this busy western world, we are increasingly faced with stress, trauma and loss through modern living. During difficult times in our lives such as moving house; loss of a job; divorce; death of a loved one, we can experience a deep sense of loss of self as part of us closes down.

All shamans are wounded healers, which means they have experienced great highs and lows in their lives, yet are very earthy and in tune with nature, the seasons and others’ feelings. Often the one others turn to in a crisis; sometimes the main breadwinner; the dominant sibling, the one picking up the pieces in a family dynamic; the strongest at the bottom of the pile during times of crisis. A healing shaman knows how to access two worlds: the world of spirit and the world of the human psyche to restore balance.

An awakening shaman will have experienced big changes in their own personal life – many having been forced to harness a greater survival instinct as change has been thrust upon them.

Shaman Pathways aims to harness this energy and teach the awakening Shaman how to channel their abilities, through self–knowedge and self-healing, via deeply engaging in learning to ‘Know Thyself’ in Year One before successfully moving onto helping others to heal thyself as a Shaman Practitioner in Year Two.

Our 2 year diploma course is designed for those who are currently undergoing a huge transition in their life … when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Shaman Pathways is the leading provider of shamanic training in the UK.

The Shaman Pathways School of Shamanic Healing Studies specialises in providing high quality technical training to students wishing to become practitioners in Shaman Healing.

This is achieved through a combination of distance learning and face to face courses over a two year period.

We do not believe that you can train to be a shaman healer on a weekend course – shaman healing is a calling, an awakening and carries a deep responsibility – we have therefore developed a comprehensive two year programme to enable the awakening shaman to harness and deploy their powerful shaman energies in a healing environment.

Our Year One programme teaches the Shaman within, through the self-healing process and self-healing initiations, how to “Know Thyself”. Year Two focuses on helping others to heal themselves as a Shaman Healing Practitioner through healing ceremonies and shaman bodywork.

Shaman Pathways offer retreats around the world, where students can journey to sacred places of shamanic interest and connect with the powerful ancestral energies to support their own initiations as they are guided along their own personal shaman pathway.

In addition, we have developed a range of shaman sprays, incense and candles which can be used as part of the self healing process in Year One and for conducting Shaman Healing treatments in Year Two. Student discounts are available on all products.